Welcome, o Internet One – Great traveler of sites, Curious seeker of the ‘doms (wisdom, stardom, Dom PĂ©rignon, et al)

How’s that for an introduction? Alas, the rest perchance shan’t be so grandiose.

At the moment this is my personal blog – “my” being “of Hannah” – “Hannah” being “me” (Do you “get” it? And by “get” I mean “capisce?”)

I’ve been an entrepreneur (started age 17 – Equinox MLM, that one didn’t last long), traveler (started age 3 – to Mexico with parents, started on my own age 15 – to France, that was great), language-learner (started age 7 – French, actual classes age 14), artist (started age 3 – doodles) and musician (started age 3 – violin lessons against my will, but still it was a start; quickly moved on to the piano) most of my life…therefore I’ll most likely be pontificating & posting about these here things.

I also have several online businesses – including a few niche sites – and I also work as a marketing consultant (online and offline marketing), coach and strategist, which keeps me quite busy.

Though American, I lived for many years in Barcelona – which is like a second hometown to me at this point. From 2012 to 2013 I traveled the world while working, and lived in 5 countries and many more cities than that. It was great and I plan on doing it again here real soon. At the moment I’m in the States visiting family – currently New Mexico. I guess this paragraph makes it obvious what I traveler I am!

My hobbies include learning languages (currently working on German), making music on my computer, writing songs, travelling, doodling making art, brainstorming with big idea people, and playing tennis!

The postings might be few and far between…but the quality prithee shan’t be!

If you think we might click on some level, feel free to get in touch!

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